Listening to the Light





あかりが持つ能力を方向転換することにより、違う価値を与えることがListening to the lightの狙いです。

Listening to the light is an interactive art installation by LS in collaboration with Leif.designpark.  The senses of sight and hearing can detect and discriminate almost 94 % of the signals and information coming from our environment.  This installation aims to create new visualizations of sounds by fusing music and lighting.


Music is fed through a device that transforms sound signals into electronic energy. The device transforms and heightens the energy, expressing it through light. The use of incandescent bulbs allows the smooth change from 0 to 100 levels to create both mellow and dazzling light. Keeping pace with the volume and tone, the music is divided into 4 registers so the performance of the lighting can express the complexity of the music in detail.


This installation engages the audience in a space that reinterprets the experience of sight and sound.  Listening to the Light aims to heighten the experience of listening to music. Engaging two senses at once, it alters the nature of light, providing a deeper understanding of what is heard.